Best time to post on instagram Complete Guide 2022

Most Instagram users ask questions about the best time to post on Instagram. In this post, we will answer this query. Instagram users ask this question because they need more engagement on their posts, and posting time is one of the factors that affect engagement.

Find the best time to post on Instagram Yourself

If the time mentioned in this post does not work for you then you should do research and analyze the best time. To do this process you should post at least 20 posts at each hour of the day and note down the engagement result in an excel file. This process will take some days in finding the best time for posting your content on Instagram. some of the best times based on the daily routine or Psychologically proven times are given below.

  • You can test the morning time like 6 AM (good engagement time) and maybe your can follow your routine for this analyzing process. Analyzed your daily life routine when you surf social media platforms or you can follow human psychology. 6 AM is a good engagement time.
  • 9 A.M is another best time to post on Instagram. The most suitable time for posting on Instagram is the time when users open their phones and check their social media accounts. After 9 A.M, the engagement ratio decreased gradually.
  • Another peak viewing time is 1.30PM when users visit their Instagram accounts, this time will give your more engagement because this is the time when people take a rest or tea break for some time, and 4,5,6,7,8 PM is not a good time.
  • The most suitable time to post on Instagram is 9 PM because every person tries to see and check their Instagram account before sleeping. This time is best due to another perspective most of the TV drama shows come at 9PM, so most of the user's mind is psychologically prepared.

Find Best Times To Post On Instagram Using Instagram Insight Feature

If you don't want to do the analyzing or research process manually to time best time or the about time did not work for you then don't worry. The Instagram insight feature tells you everything like growth, locations of your audience, age range, Gender, and Followers (hour, days).

To get find your audience engagement timing follow some simple steps. Just Open the Instagram app and click the three lines at the right upper corner of the app. Now select insight from the options. You will see the analytics for your Instagram account. You will see three insights options content, activity, and audience.

Select the Audience option and scroll down to the Followers section as you can see in the image below. In my case, the peak audience engagement time is 6 PM and 9PM. So from this insight feature, you can better understand your audience.

The best time to post on Instagram for likes on reels and other content may be different based on the day. So to understand your audience's best response time you have to analyze each day's behavior using this insight feature. In the below example, we have selected Wednesday.


We have discussed two methods to find the best time to post on Instagram, and from both methods, it is concluded that the most suitable time is 6 and 9PM. This might not be working for everyone but the insight feature of Instagram will help.

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